iTunes Library Toolkit (for Windows) has been developed by the makers of iTunes Folder Watch, a well established and proven iTunes utility. The iTunes Library Toolkit will greatly simplify the ongoing maintenance of your iTunes library. The following functions are part of the toolkit:

  • New Media - detects new media under watched folders and adds them to iTunes.
  • Dead Links - removes references to media files which no longer exist from your iTunes library.
  • Update Attributes - detects modified attributes in the media files and updates the iTunes track attributes to match.
  • Custom Browse - allows you to generate iTunes playlists in a folder structure based on media attributes (tags), or based on the source folder/file structure. This provides a new customisable way to browse your media library hierarchically.
  • Generate Catalog - allows you to generate a web-ready HTML catalog for your music library with embedded youtube-instant links (example using vanilla theme) - it is fast and responsive even for large collections.
  • Automate! - allows you to run any or all of the above functions as automatic background tasks.

The Automate function leverages the power of the core functions. Once you have configured the settings for the core functions to your preference, the Library Toolkit can be left running in the background, monitoring your system and performing the library organisational tasks completely automatically as it needs to.

This means that you can add new media files to your chosen media folder structure and they will be added to iTunes automatically (and optionally organised into configurable playlists). Delete media files and they will be removed from the library. You can even move your media files around, rename them, or their folders, and the Library Toolkit can synchronise these changes automatically with the iTunes database (retaining dynamic user-based information like Rating, Playcount, etc).

New Media


To fully appreciate all the features that the Library Toolkit has to offer, we invite you to download it and try all the features for yourself - it is free and fully functional for one month after installation. Following the trial, licences are issued on a simple per-machine per-year basis:

Licence for one year on one computer : £3.99 (GBP)

Each licence purchase must be made via the option provided in the software, from the machine which you wish to tie the licence to. A licence entitles you to priority email support, which is available via the Help menu within the application.

An annual licence is now preferred to a "lifetime" licence because this software is wholly dependent upon the continued availability of iTunes and its open API (something outside our control).


How is it different to iTunes Folder Watch ? iTunes Library Toolkit contains more functions, it's a complete package for all your library maintenance needs, with a simple user interface fronting a powerful engine. iTunes Folder Watch is dedicated to a single core task, that of detecting and adding new media to your iTunes library, and as such it offers more fine-grained and advanced control of this function (e.g. an unlimited number of watch folders, manual control of the additions, and the ability to manage exceptions). The licencing model is also different - Folder Watch is a single price for as long as you need it, the Toolkit is a lower price but renewed anually.
Why can't the toolkit attach to iTunes ? This is invariably a problem with iTunes itself, not registering its API (application programming interface) properly. Normally the API can be kicked into life by stopping iTunes, then running the command iTunes.exe /regserver from the Start/Run box. If this fails, open a command window (in administrator mode if available), locate your iTunes.exe, and type in "C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunes.exe" /regserver (change the path to match the location of your iTunes.exe) and hit enter.

Change History

No Licensing

Handle CONTENTGROUP/WORK in iTunes XML parser

Fix connection issue on startup with iTunes 12.7

Another attempted workaround to iTunes 12.6 SDK issue.
Option to skip hidden files & folders in Add task (default on)

Attempted workaround to iTunes 12.6 SDK issue.

Additional detection of non-shared iTunes XML.

Skip empty and illegal paths.

1.1.04 (16/10/2016)
Skip hidden folders in adding new media.

1.1.03 (28/08/2015)
Issue advice on non-existent iTunes XML.

1.1.02 (07/03/2015)
Prevent duplicate invocation.

1.1.01 (23/04/2014)
Fix recognition of non-standard iTunes XML location.

1.1.00 (20/04/2014)
Upgrade to .NET 4.0 (apologies but on upgrading you will need to re-configure your watch folders and other task parameters)
Nightly Re-Synch (Full Rescan) option.

1.0.23 (22/09/2013)
Average bitrate per album shown in catalog. Allow this and youtube-instant track links to be optional.

1.0.22 (30/08/2013)
Prevent exception on purchase page (on computers with UAC).

1.0.21 (27/03/2013)
Reminder to add root@klarita.net to safe senders list on purchase page.

1.0.20 (22/03/2013)
For Custom Browse skip any tracks with an empty path element (eg. if %g is specified in a path then it will skip tracks without a track grouping)
- if you want these entries to appear you have to define a value for the null value via the edit template window.
Ensure tracks are written to custom browse playlists in artist/album/diskno/trackno play order

1.0.19 (13/03/2013)
Recover cached information lost on upgrade to 1.0.17 (full licences restored)

1.0.18 (23/02/2013)
%FF custom browse template discontinued since the large number of playlists generated tends to choke the iTunes API - %F template to be used instead.

1.0.17 (19/02/2013)
Do not implicitly focus on playlist folders created (can speed up custom browse task since iTunes doesn't have to continually update the display).
Timings in log file and more useful diagnostics in playlist generation.

1.0.16 (22/01/2013)
Handle anomalies where catalog filter set to Music.

1.0.15 (18/11/2012)
Catalog includes disc number (when album has more than one).

1.0.14 (28/05/2012)
On-screen warning when "Optimise for Web" turned on (AND option turned on to auto-open on completion), that Ajax fetches may not work on some browsers (eg. Chrome, Opera) when testing locally (i.e. until web-deployed).

1.0.13 (22/05/2012)
Fix cover search (do not look further once found in iTunes coverflow).

1.0.12 (22/05/2012)
Catalog now has sort options (of albums within artists) - on home page.

1.0.11 (21/05/2012)
New option for catalog web search "Retry if previously not found" : makes it search for covers and album/artist info again even if not found last time.

1.0.10 (03/05/2012)
Generated catalog now builds in youtube-instant links.

1.0.09 (08/04/2012)
Bypass tracks with non-standard path (eg. http streams) but register in log file(s).

1.0.08 (02/04/2012)
Improved unexpected error reporting and logging (when diagnostics turned on).

1.0.07 (21/03/2012)
Fix for occasional object reference error in MakeKey function, which can affect Dead Tracks function.

1.0.06 (16/12/2011)
Prevent deselected tracks (in iTunes) being added via New Media task.

1.0.05 (28/11/2011)
Ensure new music is processed as part of subsequent custom browse or catalog function.

Offer link on payment page for entering discount value (for iTFW users).

Specify catalog filter based on special/smart iTunes playlist (blank = only music).
Rename log file to LibraryToolkit.log
Hold Track/Disc numbers etc as int not short to cope with huge values.
Custom Browse function only processes music.

Allow multiple watch paths in a single field, separated by |
Fix Dead link detection when Add task hasn't been run.

Allow forward dated licence (ie. 1 year from date X): for use in trial month to extend by a FURTHER year (not a year from date entered), or in last month of annual licence.

Initial Version